Zebras Visual Optical Illusion

Okay, today we have a very special visual optical illusion for you. Why is it so special? Because this zebras illusion won the Best Photo Awards from National Geographic! So, let’s all bow our heads down, as we’re in the presence of greatness – a great visual optical illusion to be more precise!

What to see?

Well, take a good look at the image. At first , you would be tempted to believe that you’re watching a mural drawing inside of a cave, but, with a bit of attention, you’re starting to see that right under each of the cave drawings there’s what seems to be a tri dimensional zebra! So, what is it? Is it a cave drawing from prehistorically times or what?

Truth be told, at first you think that that’s actually a cave drawing, but, hey, if it would have been, then it wouldn’t have made our illusion of the day, would it? So, what is it and how does it work? Here’s a hint: it’s all about perception!

How it works?

Let’s see, just like yesterday’s illusion, you’re looking at the picture from a different angle. And then again, this is due to the fact that our brain needs to have some points in order to perceive an image just the way it is.

What if you would think that the cave drawings are actually shadows, and that the zebras are actually zebras, but shot from an helicopter or even satellite. If you imagine that the photo was taken at a 90 degrees angle, then it starts making a whole lot more sense. Anyways, it’s a great visual optical illusion and a great mind trick, isn’t it?

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