Window Gazing Visual Optical Illusion

As I promised you, I’m returning with some art from Sandro Del-Prete visual optical illusion. Today’s drawing is one of his first work of art in the field of illusions; don’t know if it is the first one though. “Window Gazing” is one of his earliest drawings from his period of double-perspective. He tried all kind of experiments with objects and scenes in which he broke free their picture frame and into the surrounding environment.

del Petre Optical Illusion

What to see?
The picture consists in two children staring out a window. The window has some frames that don’t match, that is probably why we can watch it from two points of view. You can perceive the drawing either as you are looking at it from above either as you are looking at it from somewhere under it.

How does it work?
All the lines in the projection are parallel in space no matter if in the plane picture they remain parallel or they intersect at some distant point. All the parallel lines on the plane are also parallel to the picture place remaining parallel to each other in the projection, thing that is called “central perspective” or as we discussed it over in other illusion the central point of our perception.
The trick in this picture is that the central point is incorrect. The central vanishing point is away from the viewing center of the picture; you can observe that the middle frame of the window is broken. Even if all sides of the window are parallel the perspective is still incorrect… unless the author of the picture expects to be viewed from the shifted vanishing point.

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