Whiskas Visual Optical Illusion Ad

If you’re a cat person, then you really need to check today’s Whiskas visual optical illusion. Even if you’re not, you most likely are going to appreciate this illusion and gaze at it in awe for a couple of minutes trying to figure out how it works.

Truth be told, that’s what we tried to figure out, and it took us some time, and even so, we’re not sure if we nailed this one.

And to give you an idea of how masochistic we can be, we have to say that Whiskas has a whole series of visual optical illusions turned into ads, and they all revolve around cats (d’oh) but we picked the one that’s the brain tickler!

What to see?

A cat! A cat that seems to be walking on the ceiling…which isn’t quite unusual, but, it’s nevertheless disturbing (ever tried to clean cat poop off the ceiling – it’s horrible and disgusting as it tends to fall on your face).

Joking aside, this cat really seems to defy the laws of physics and walk on the ceiling – or walking on air whatever bursts your bubble!

How it works?

Okay, that’s the trick question. First of all, if the cat would be walking on the ceiling, the angle is all wrong. The other option is that the cat is walking on a ledge close to the ceiling, but, you can clearly see that the cat seems to be walking on thin air! So, how the heck does that work?

Well, let’s think outside the box and imagine that this picture is taken straight down from the sofa, and the cat is actually on the carpet. Add a bit of photoshopping, and you got the mystery solved!

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