Weird Ladder Optical Illusion

Okay, this one is a very cool visual optical illusion that can be done by anybody who has a bit of imagination. We found this one while browsing Google, and we have to say that we don’t know who’s the owner and if you do, please let us know, because we would love to give him or her credit for this optical illusion.

What to see?

As  you’re taking the first look at this illusion, you say that a man wants to take a bottle that’s glued by the wall of a home while climbing a ladder. His girlfriend is supporting the ladder as he does that, and everything seems to be perfectly normal. But, that’s when you realize that something’s very wrong, because if you look at the background, you see that the cars and barrels seem to be vertical instead of horizontal.  Naturally, this raises the question how do they do it?

If at first you have the impression that the man has placed the ladder on a brick road, as you look towards the background you see that there’s no brick road, but a brick wall.

How it works?

Well, this is a really, really clever illusion, because, everything is upside down. If you download the image and rotate it counter clockwise, you’re going to see that this is the way the illusion was created.  There’s nothing wrong with the world, but the angle of the photo and the positioning of the persons in it is wrong. The bottle is on the ground, as well as the woman – she’s lying on the ground, and the latter is placed on a brick wall. Pretty clever visual optical illusion, ain’t it?

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