Weird Faces Visual Optical Illusion

Since so far we have seen only pictures I thought that we should try something new, something like a little video. There is all kind of optical illusions in this world: real life illusion, aftereffect illusions, fractals or who knows what else, even so most of them show us weird optical illusions but not illusions that created beauty into ugliness.

What to see?
Just a little above we have a video and this is what you have to do:
– When you will hit play try to fix your look on the cross in the middle and after a few seconds you will observe that the cute girls aren’t cute anymore;
– When you hit play and look at all the girls individual you will see that they are still cute and if you hit the stop button after staring at the cross you will also notice that the girls are the same.

How it works?
This illusion was discovered by accident, but aren’t some of the greatest discoveries accidents?

A student, Sean Murphy, was preparing some series of portraits for an experiment and while watching them he noticed that they all turned ugly… stopping the movie and watching the faces separately makes us see that they are normal.

It seems that the scientists haven’t yet found an explanation for this illusion but they did observe that the illusion functions only after a certain speed, but in the same time it may fade after a high speed.
Maybe one of you can find an explanation and could share it with us.




  1. wow…it freaked me out..but luckily they didn’t put any prank in the video..but awesome i should create one of those..

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