Visual Optical Illusions on Marines helicopters

What do you know… those real men from the marines corps are truly into women! This surely comes a surprise for all of you… Okay, we all knew that. However, what you didn’t know is that the marines found a very interesting way of letting the world know this, and today, well, their innovative display makes the subject of our visual optical illusion!
So, kick back and enjoy what you’re about to see! Without any doubt you’re going to appreciate the beauty of the helicopters, and, even more, their camouflage!

What to see?

Well, at first look, there’s nothing more to see than a simple helicopter, but, we dare you to look closer at the camouflage patterns. Starting to recognize some familiar shapes? Well, if you don’t, then scroll down and take a look at a closer snapshot of their helicopter, and you’re going to see what we mean!

In case you’re still wondering if what you’re seeing is true or not, let’s make one thing clear: it’s real! That’s how the camouflage is on that helicopter! Pretty neat huh? Makes every boy’s fantasy a reality!

How it works?

We all know that things tend to be blurry from the distance, and that they also seem smaller. Not a big secret here. However, what we would really want to know is if this is an actual Marines helicopter, or it’s just a helicopter painted specially to look like a marines helicopter  – we have a hard time believing that the chiefs would appreciate this sort of display on a military chopper. So, let us know what you think: is this a real army helicopter with a cool visual illusion or it’s just a fake?

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