TV visual optical illusion

TV dots visual illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion is more common than you think! Now, don’t think that because we called it TV visual optical illusion, this illusion only appears on your TV screens! No! You can find it on computer screens, cell phones, cameras, prints, and everything else in between!  This is going to come as a surprise, but, everything you can see around us, is pretty much a huge optical illusion! And we’re not talking about some Matrix kind of stuff, no! We’re talking about something even more spectacular!

TV dots visual illusion 2

What to see?

First of all, you’re going to notice that we have five images ready for you. The first one, is filled with green dots and considerably lots of space in between them. But, the second image, is significantly reduced,  and so is the, guess what, the third! Yes, that’s right! Basically, the small image that you see, is a reduced version of the original version. Now, the first image is basically a lot of green dots, and the last image is one filled with green, but seems to be quite uniform, don’t it?

TV dots visual illusion 3

How it works?

Well, it’s all related to how the human eye interprets colors. That’s something essential for creating color patterns in almost all media. Basically, this trick aka visual optical illusion is used by lots of devices around us, from color printers that use 3-4 colors, televisions that use red green and blue, and computer monitors, LCD screens, phone displays and the list goes on and on. s

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