Transparent Computer Visual Illusion

We have to say that we loved this illusion the first moment we laid our eyes on it, mostly because not of the computer, but of the cute doggy dog in it aka the beautiful lab! Labradors are smart, fun, and playful, make great pets no matter if you’re single in your teens or you’re married and you have kids.

But, enough about labs, let’s get to our illusion! Now, we don’t know about you, but we’re anxiously awaiting for the moment when this illusion will be turned into reality – and perhaps we’re going to have computers with a lot more speed meanwhile!

What to see?

Well, a nice dog staying on the carpet and looking at his or her master. But, what’s funny is the fact that the dog seems to be well, seen directly through the laptop, which makes the laptop’s display transparent, which means that the future is here! Or that it’s simply an eye trick! So, which one is it? Well, if it would have not been a visual optical illusion, then well, we wouldn’t have had it here, right?

So, the normal question to be asked, is actually: how it works?


How it works?

Let’s see, there’s nothing easier to explain, because, it’s simply a matter of well, taking a photo of the dog, and placing it on the desktop. Then, all you need is to have the god stay in about the same position, because your imagination does the rest! It would actually be interesting to see how the dog actually stays when you let the lid of the notebook down!

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