Tracy Lee Stum Mouse Trap Visual Optical Illusion

Today, we have another street painting visual optical illusion, and we have to say, that we really enjoy these types of illusions. So, today’s artist is Tracy Lee Stum, and her mouse trap street drawing, that’s well, like most of the street paintings that we present here, really super duper! 🙂

What to see?

Well, it’s easy to see that what we’re talking about here is a mouse trap street painting visual optical illusion. Then again, it was easy to guess this just by reading the title, wouldn’t it? However, take some time and breathe in all the details and you’ll see that you’ll find more than you would if you would simply throw a quick eye over the picture.

How it works?

Well, that’s the most impressive part, isn’t it? If  we were simply to explain how this works, we would only say that it’s a 3D representation of a picture that’s drawn at  a specific angle (the original’s image’s components need to be elongated) in order to make it truly spectacular from a standing person’s angle of sight.

However, what is really impressive can be found in the video below, which shows in 3 minutes how this visual optical illusion was drawn in over 4 days! If you are to think about it, and look at the video, it’s clear that this type of work really takes time. After all, this is a truly impressive street painting firstly because it’s HUGE! Guinness World Records huge that is!

Take a look at the video and tell us if you don’t think that it’s very inspiring and makes you wish that you would have tried to develop your drawing skills more!

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