Tower Visual Optical Illusion

How many times haven’t we imagined how the characters from our stories are coming to life or how the clouds aren’t actually clouds, but objects, animals or people and probably that at some point you also imagined that you can touch the moon or the distance objects. That’s what the Tower visual optical illusion is all about!

Lego Tower Illusion

What to see?
In this image we can see two children playing with some Lego cubes. They are building some towers and from my point of view they are succeeding. If you care not paying attention to the image you will probably not see that only the girl is building the actual tower, while the boy is trying to fix a cube on top of the real building.

How it works?
As I said in this visual optical illusion the girl is actually building a tower while the boy is playing a trick on our minds. The tower he is building is actually across the sea but because of the match of the two constructions we have the impression it is one and the same.
The mechanism is the same that we experienced with the Moon Illusion.
In conclusion we perceive the building to be smaller and about the same size with the building that the girl made, because the brain attempts to compensate for perspective, assuming that the real building even if it is smaller it must be at least equal with the one on the table.

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