Tomo Saito Street Illusion Painting

I for example, I would like to know how to paint, draw anything not only just a painting, not to talk about an work of art on the ground. For instance today’s street painting belongs to the Japanese Tomo Saito, which actually won some awards for his beautiful and classic street paintings.

Today I also found out that there is a TV-network that provides information about street painting and that somewhere in the world we can find street painting contests.

Street Fishing Optical Illusion

What to see?

This optical illusion is very funny, yet very real in the same time. In this picture you can see a small pond with fishes in it and a man standing on a chair, fishing in it. I wonder if he caught anything?!
What makes it so special is that when looking at that man on the dock it leaves you the impression that he is actually standing over a pond.

As I already said in another article street painting is not quite an optical illusion because it’s just a 3D picture, but the way it is realized makes us think that we’re in a picture that just couldn’t possibly be there.

Tomo Saito says in one of his interviews that for the Italian public is difficult to understand this kind of art and that he needs a camera to see the 3D effect. Even if he we can see and understand the effect of this kind of art we can still observe it better through a nice picture.

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