Tiles Visual Optical Illusion

Since the Café Wall illusion is still amongst the most popular ones, we said that today’s visual optical illusion is going to be, well, the same type of illusion that can be found in, well, not in France, but in the UK, in the Gloucester Road Underground station in London.

Gloucester Road Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, by looking at the unique pattern surrounding the station’s name, you can see that, even if the same tile pattern used in the Café Wall illusion wasn’t used, the visual optical illusion is quite similar in the same way. This means that even if the tiles and lines are perfectly straight, our eyes can’t really perceive them like that, and we see them curved.

How it works

Since today is Friday and the weekend is only a few hour away, we’re going to say what we said when we talked about the Café Wall illusion! Meaning that this types of visual optical illusion are the living proof of the fact that the way our retina processes images when combined with the way our cortical cells of the striate cortex interpret images, well, we’re missing on a lot of things. And it’s a known fact that humans don’t have the best eyesight.

If you want even more detailed information on how it works, you should know that  the apparent tilting is only caused by the orientation-sensitive cells in our cortex. They interact with one another trying to interpret the diagonal bands that are produced on the retina as a single line, that’s tilted in the direction of the diagonal bands.

We’re going to stop here with the explanation, because, well, we should simply enjoy an amazing visual optical illusion.

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