Three Pigs Visual Optical Illusion

Okay, so, this visual optical illusion might not be suited for puritans, because, even if it’s something very innocent, it incites the easy spirits to seeing things that should never be seen without parental advisory from your forefathers. Or something in those lines…Truth be told, when we were provided with this illusion, we firstly seen the thumbnail, and our first impression was “what the….that looks just like….”

Suculent Pigs Optical Illusion

What to see?

Let’s see, that’s a hard one….we could say that the question is rather what you have the impression that you see, and what’s actually to be seen in that photo. As you look at it, you have the impression that you see two legs and an erect member, but, in reality, what you see is the image of some pigs gushing in for some food. Shame on you for thinking that we would show you something that nasty!

How it works?

Well, it’s quite simple…because our perception works by putting together pieces of images and compares them with the patterns already stored in our brains, instead of seeing the obvious, meaning a three pigs visual optical illusion, we see a very naught image. For instance, if you would have never been exposed to such images, your brain would have never constructed such a resemblance and gave you the impression that you’re seeing a man’s scrotum and private parts. It’s that easy. Nevertheless, because you were exposed to such images (it’s quite hard considering that today the normal/xxx ratio of sites on the web is 1 to 2) you’re able to be tricked by this simply stunning visual optical illusion!

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