The Terrace Visual Optical Illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion is called “The terrace” and was created by David Macdonald. I think it’s inspired from a classic Sandro Del Prete. The original’s name is “Chessboard Illusion”, today’s visual optical illusion is a little different from the first and a replica of it was used in a commercial in Russia for a phone company. Honestly I don’t quite see the connection, but they probably did at that point.

Breathtaking Terrace Visual Illusion

What to see?
In this picture you can see a chessboard on which there are some men working.
The picture is a little slanted and on two edges the chessboard has a fence that leaves us the impression that in some way the image is twisted, leaving us the in the confusion of not knowing which one is on the bottom and which one is on top.

How it works?
The author explains at some point that all his work is created in the same manner. He basically creates a matrix in a computer program and he respects the rules of perspective, except for the false connections. After the matrix is created the image is photoshoped.
Now let’s analyze a little the rules of perspective. Starting today, for the next few days you will receive each day a new rule and a new illusion.
One of the first rules is that there is only one geometry of perspective on a fix plane. Maybe now you wonder what this “perspective” is. Perspective is the geometrical projection of a scene to plane. This place corresponds to the pupil of the viewers eye.

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