The Penrose Triangle Visual Optical Illusion

You’re already used to the impossible figures we’ve shown you lately, now it should be easier for you to discovered their “logic”. Impossible figures are a type of illusion that can’t exist in the real life, but which at first sight seem normal.

Penrose Optical Illusion

What to see ?
In this case you have to see a triangle made out of 3 parts. In reality it doesn’t look like this but being watched from the right angle it can give us an extraordinary illusion. This illusion is called the Penrose triangle, but is also known as the tribar. If you look with attention at it you will see that it appears to a very solid triangle made of three straight beams of square cross-section which link at a certain angle.
The Penrose triangle can exist as a two-dimensional drawing because it involves the overlapping of the three beams. In reality, for this illusion to happen all the beams are perpendicular on each other and they form this triangle only when they’re looked from a certain position. Because the fact that they’re fixed in different position we can also see that the beams are also a little curved.

How it works?
This type of illusion, among others, is a three-dimensional figure. In reality this figure tends to touch all of the beams, in our mind, but they never do, being situated at different distances. The only trick is made b y the angle we look at the picture. For example if we’ll look the figure from another angle it will not make any sense to us.

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