The Hidden Tiger Visual Optical Illusion

Today I thought I should share with you something a little different.  As I came across this image I said to myself “it can’t be an illusion I can see the tiger right in the middle” so I started looking for a hidden something everywhere.

Anyway this is one very tricky and complicated illusion. It’s like you were told to find the obvious thing yet you know there is something else there. As some people say this is one of the toughest optical illusions they’ve come across. It was created by Rusty Rust an American wildlife artist.

Obvious Tiger Optical Illusion

What to see?

You can see what is obvious. The image shows a Bengal Tiger standing in the middle of a bamboo forest. Now your quest is to find “the hidden tiger” in this picture. Let me give you a hint though “THE HIDDEN TIGER”.

How it works?

You may probably wonder why I wrote the exact same thing in capital letters… well if you didn’t find the answer try to focus now on the tiger. On his bogy you will see a bunch of stripes. Start from the first line, the one beneath its head, and you will easily read “the hidden tiger”.


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