The Dynamic Luminance-Gradient Visual Optical Illusion

This visual optical illusion is one of the best in the last years and it also competed at “Best Visual Illusion Of The Year Contest”. This illusion created by Alan Stubbs from University of Maine in USA made it to The Top 10 Finalists.

Luminescence Optical Illusion

What to see and what to do?
This image represents a lot of radial black spokes on a white background that becomes narrower and whiter from the borders to the center of the figure.
For the illusion to function first you have to place yourself at a certain distance, but also comfortable, from the picture, then move forward toward the center of the figure. The primary effect is that you will have the impression that the image is getting brighter or as Alan says “here comes the sun effect”.

How does it work?
This visual optical  illusion takes place because of the brightness constancy and size constancy that happens at the same time.
If you get closer to the image you will notice that the center becomes lighter and bigger, but if you go further you will see that the center spot becomes darker and smaller. Another observation is that when you get closer to the image the size effect remains the same while the brightness effect is inverted. So color and size don’t have such importance for this illusion. The really important part in this illusion is the fact that the boundaries are gradient, if they would be straight or if the light would fade step by step the illusion will not happen.

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