The Coffer Visual Optical Illusion

Since many of us see the world in black and white I thought why not give you the chance to see some benefits in this “darkness”. Some of us are functioning in these shades, some are rigid and tend to work with lines and some of us are flexible and tend to work with circles or curves.
Today’s visual optical illusion was the finalist in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2006.
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Coffer Optical Illusion

What to see?
The main objective of this illusion is to spot how many circles are in the image. If you look at it carefully you will notice a lot of horizontal and vertical stripes and some squares. But how many circles do you see?
You should be able to see 16 circles. The inventor wanted to see the average time a person needs to discover the circles so he tested the illusion on 100 persons. Most of them were able to spot the circles after 45 seconds, but off course they were some that needed only 15 seconds or more than 45 .
What to do and how it works?
This illusion was created by Anthony “Tony” Norcia of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute and it represents a lot of coffers, reason why this illusion is also known as the Coffer Illusion. A coffer is a 3D structure that resemble to a decorative sunken door panel.
At first, viewers tend to see a series of rectangles that they usually describe as “door panels”. After a while you could look either for the position of the lines, some of them are horizontal, either try to look at the “X” in the middle; both methods will reveal the circles.


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