Table Visual Optical Illusion

I’ve seen this visual optical illusion all over the internet and I remember seen it even on T.V. at some point even if at first sight the answer is simple and clear you will observe that things are not like we perceive them. Today’s visual optical illusion is more like a riddle. Which table is bigger? Which table is longer? The creator is Roger Shepard’s and the illusion is called “Turning the Tables”.

Table Tops Optical Illusion

What to see?

In the image above there are two tables. What I want from you is to establish which one of them is larger… from their analysis you will probably notice that the one on the one on the right is much more of a square and the one on the left is much longer and skinnier. In reality both tables are identical in both length and width.

What to do?
In case the visual optical illusion seems illogical I suggest you to measure the tables or to cut them and look at them in the light. The result will be the same: they will be equal. One of the reasons this phenomenon happens is because we tend to interpret the figure a 2 and a 3 dimensional way. If the figure depicted a real-world scene, the real tables certainly would have a different shape, but in our case we have only two drawn tables.

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