Street Painting Visual Optical Illusion

Many of us are dreamers and willing to travel, but for some reasons we can’t always do that because of time and money. I’m sure that at least once you walked down the street not caring about anything, not thinking of anything. But imagine this: you’re walking down the street when all of a sudden you realize that under your feet it just appeared a waterfall, a pond or a crate… scary?

Street Waterfall Optical Illusion 1
Street Pond Optical Illusion

What to see and how it works?
You can’t do much in this situation it’s just a plain drawing on the street full of creativity, a clever concept of angles and a lot of paint. The street painters were called in the 16th century madonnari because they based most of their work on public figure of Madonna.
How does it work?
All these paintings are 3D drawings that make the illusion happen. All of these artists have to work very good with length, breadth and height for the picture to be perfect. Every picture has to be realistic.
One of the creators of these pieces is Julian Beever and as many others he tries to expand this kind of art.

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