Soldier Visual Optical Illusion

Let’s hear it for the brave men and women who serve their country!

And, to honor those men and women, we have for you today a photo that captured our attention because it displays a soldier washing his feet?!? Of course, this is actually a nice visual illusion and you’re going to surely appreciate it!

What To See?

As you look at the photo, you’re seeing a soldier who’s washing his feet, right? But, take a closer look at the boots and the legs…something is definitely funny in this picture, right?

Do you see it?

Okay, here’s a hint: there are two boots that support the soldier, and the soldier is washing one of this feet! So, with a bit of math, this would mean that the particular solider we are having in the picture has actually, not two, but three legs!

Okay, we know that some soldiers lose one or both of their legs in armed conflicts, but how many times have you heard of a soldier who has an extra leg lying around? Quite a mystery we have here, don’t we?

Well…until you find out how it works you won’t be able to wrap your head around it, so, let’s unravel it all!

How It Works?

Nothing easier My Dear Watson (btw, did you see the new Sherlock Holmes movie?) as there’s a simple and logical explanation for this illusion.

The soldier is crouching, and washing one of his feet. However, it seems that there’s an extra foot in there, right? Well, it’s actually the same foot that’s being washed, but the positioning of the boot and the fact that the image is quite dark there makes it seem like the soldier has three feet!

Simple, right?

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