Smoking hot visual optical illusion

Some of us smoke, and we know it it’s a bad habit.  Nevertheless, there are people who don’t smoke and are fascinated by the smoke itself more than we are. Remember how the first time you smoked you wanted to make those circles? Well, this visual optical illusion is even cooler!Marilyn Monroe Visual Optical Illusion

What to see

It’s not much to say about this….it’s clear that the smoke coming out of the cigarette looks like a pin-up girl that you see on trunks and even on some people who love to tattoo this on themselves.  And we have to say, that this made smoking a lot more sexier. However, if you didn’t start smoking yet, don’t start now! Simply enjoy this picture!

Actually, taking a closer look, the pin-up girl looks a bit like Marilyn Monroe, in her famous shot…But that’s what we’re seeing. How about you?

How it works?

We have to admit that this piece by François Abelanet is hardly something that was truly an optical illusion and it’s not digitally manipulated to look like this. As a smoker, I can assure you that the smoke, no matter how you would puff or blow, doesn’t go out like that, and the forms that it creates are, well, not as detailed as this picture.

However, the picture itself could make a good advertisement campaign for smoking a certain brand of cigarettes. The main idea would  be “puff the nice lady into your lungs and you’ll be irresistible to women” – if they don’t hate your breath, naturally!

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