Slanted Square Visual Optical Illusion

As I promised you the other days here is another geometrical illusion. It amuses me because if you try to analyze it or to discover the element that creates the illusion, it may give you a headache. So except the so-called visual optical illusion this image also makes us dizzy.

Square Optical Illusion

What to see?
In this picture we have a bunch of squares but it’s very easy to spot the three blue squares in the middle which are a little slanted. If you look at the rest of the picture you will see that there are other squares but they are not creating any illusion. For me they just raised the question “are they also bend?”. The important part of the picture, on which you have to focus is the middle.

How it works?
If you look at all the edges you will notice that they are surrounded by arrows going in different directions; this fact tricks the eye into see the square a little bend.
If you want to see the squares with normal edges you have to take a few steps back. The fact that you can’t see the surrounding of the middle square in details gives you the chance to see the picture as it really is. Pretty cool visual optical illusion, isn’t it?

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