Skull Visual optical Illusion

Today I have something new for you. I was searching for a new type of visual optical illusion when I came across this one and said that you should also see something spookier.

Hidden Skull Visual Illusion

What to see and what to do?
I give you today just one of many others. As you can see in this picture there are two people a man and a woman reading books. Nothing interesting yet! Now, I want you to take a few steps back from your computer and you will see a skull.
How does it work?
The illusion is a very simple one and it shows us how our perception works. The reason why for just a few inches away we can see people reading and from far we can see a skull is because of the distance.
For this illusion in particular the distance has a major role because it can deform our perception, as I already said. In other words the reason why this is happening is the depth relationship. Another important thing in this scene is the way the black and white are combined. The fact that the shadows are positioned in a certain angle they create the illusion of a skull.
Our visual system operates on what it has in front of it. Since the lines are combined to form a skull from a certain distance that is what it will perceive. As I said for other optical illusions the fact that our brain recognize a certain object gives us the right to say “this is a skull” or “there are two people” but in reality they are one and the same picture, it only depends on how far are we standing from the drawing.

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