Shadow Visual Optical Illusion

I think we all remember playing with shadows on the walls when we were little. We made bunnies, donkeys, ducks or who remembers what else. Today’s visual optical illusion is not quite like those but it involves shadows. I’m pretty sure that at some point in your life you wondered at least once what was behind a shadow. Sometimes they’re scary and sometimes they’re nice.

Ghostly Shadows Illusion 1

What to see?
Moving shadows? In this image it appears that there is a room somewhere beneath these people and we are watching them from underneath. It appears that all shadow even if they are normal, that they don’t have anything special they seem to hold things and they seem to be the ones walking and the people the ones that follow.

Ghostly Shadows Illusion 2

How it works?
The trick is actually quite easy to understand once you realize what happens. The photo was simply rotated for 180 degrees. Once turned, the new picture leaves us the impression that the shadows are 3D and that the square looks more normal in this photo than in the real one.
If you will watch the real picture you will realize that it’s just a regular photo taken with the sun low on the horizon.

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