Sexy Visual Optical Illusion

Since it’s Friday, today’s visual optical illusion is going to be something really special, and something that will surely put a smile on your face and will make you say “I didn’t see that coming”! And that only for a second, because as you’re going to read the text, you’re going to be disappointed, then look again, and again, and try to figure you what’s the catch!

What to see?

Well, we already said a bit too much, didn’t we? It’s plain to see that this visual optical illusion is a poster that advertises shoes, and has a really sexy lady wearing a thong in it?!? Then you read “These are heels” and you’re looking again, and you’re trying to figure out whether you’re actually looking at the soles of a woman’s feet or at the back and tush of a very curvaceous lady wearing nothing but a bra and thong, and has he pants pulled down half the way…

Unfortunately, after looking and looking and looking some more, you came to the conclusion that what you’re looking at are indeed legs, and indeed heels….

How it works?

Just like yesterday’s visual optical illusion (okay, two days in row when we mentioned the visual optical illusions we had the previous day now…) it’s all about perception. Men and women are trained to recognize curvaceous bodies in a million. Actually, from a scientific point of view it’s been proven that we as humans are genetically structured to identify other humans in a heartbeat! And more so men have an eye for curves, and especially female curves, and we can spot them instantly. And that’s how our illusion played a trick on us, again…See you on Monday!

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