Scary mummy visual optical illusion

We have to say that 3D visual optical illusions are simply stunning, each and every time you look at them. And this is especially true for the ones that are chalk drawings. That’s why today, we’re going to present you a scary mummy, that’s not going to frighten more than it will fascinate you with all its details.

Mummy Street Painting Optical Illusion

What to see

It’s not that hard to notice how the asphalt seems cracked, to reveal a mummy’s tomb, and the revived corpse of the mummy coming out to get you. However, the details are simply amazing and you can only bask in them and try to absorb them more.

This particular piece of chalk art was created by Tracy Lee Stum, and it’s inspired by the classic Milton Bradley game of Mouse trap.

For those of you that are not familiar with her work, we highly recommend that you check it out because she has other amazing pieces.

Of course, what makes this visual optical illusion special is the fact that the art is cartoonish,  but this doesn’t make it less scarier; no – it’s like a cartoonish mummy is just about to burst into our reality from his tomb.  And that’s simply amazing, because, well, making something that entirely unrealistic blend perfectly with reality you truly make something impressive, right?

How it works?

There’s no hidden secret. The entire work is a 3D drawing, the only hard thing is drawing it so that you can clearly have the impression that it’s coming to life from a certain angle. This takes skill and time, but the end result is simply amazing!

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