Santa Visual Optical Illusion

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Santa’s all the way…in an illusion that will make all the children happy – and grownups at the same time! There you go, for Christmas, we have for you a very nice street drawing with Santa collecting the letters – did you ever wonder how the letters get to Santa that fast and he always knows what to get you? Well, this illusion reveals the dirty little secret that Santa didn’t want to share!

What to see?

Well, in this amazing street drawing by anonymous – btw, if you know who’s behind this street drawing please give us a hint so that we can give the author credit – you see how the jolly Santa collects the mail, and this straight from the source! That’s how he knows what you want to fast.

Of course, the question is : is there a Santa behind each and every red mailbox in the world? If so, then it means that there’s more than one Santa!

But joking aside, this illusion is quite spectacular, as you can see Santa reading the letters children send him, and even Rudolf the red nosed reindeer! Pretty cool, right?

How it works?

Let’s see, considering the fact that this is a street drawing, then we can truly say that this works by using 3D street drawing to create spectacular figures like the one we present for you today. You all know how much we love street drawing and street painting, but today, well, let’s simply leave the explanations aside, and just enjoy this amazing illusion, and truly hope that Santa will bring us what we wished for all year!

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