Rotating snake visual optical illusion

Snake Visual Illusion

For sure, looking at this image, you realize straight away that you’re in front of a great visual optical illusion. Just glance at it for a couple of moments. Is it an animation? No, it’s not! Is the rotating snake one of the best illusions that you’re ever going to see!

Looking at it, it moves, but once you stop, and look at a straight point in the image, you see that this doesn’t move anymore. Mesmerizing? Yes it is!

What to see?

Well, it’s clear that you see the circles moving, isn’t it? Just look at them and notice how they seem to move in all directions, like you’re in front of a good oiled piece of machinery. However, funny enough, this doesn’t actually happen, as it’s only a visual optical illusion, a mind twister, something that plays with your brain!

If you’re looking and fixating the image steadily, even so, you still have the impression that there’s movement. And, the best thing is that the illusion doesn’t depend on color.

At the same time, the most fascinating thin is that the illusion doesn’t depend on color, and the rotation, or how fast it happens, depends straightly on the luminance of the background.

How it works?

This is the tricky part, isn’t it? Well, truth be told that it’s hard to explain what happens, but, one thing is for sure: due to the arrangement of the colors and the lines, the way they are drawn, our eyes are tricked into thinking that the images move.  It’s a mystery, and not even the creator is shy of revealing the mystery.

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