Rotating Globe Visual Optical Illusion

TV Globe Visual Optical Illusion

We have to say that we truly fancy this simple visual optical illusion. Why? Well, remember those old black and white movies that you seen on the TV, where they showed how the program ended? Today’s illusion is a bit similar with what we’re talking about, though, we have to say, these types of visual optical illusions aren’t something that really blow your mind. Even so, they’re cool to watch!

What to see?

As you look at the optical illusion, you clearly see that there’s a black and white pattern, that has right in the middle a circle, and the pattern, where prior it was horizontal, now it’s vertical. However, if you’re looking at it straight for more than a couple of seconds, you start having the impression that the circle inside the pattern is actually a globe that’s moving.  Which, is pretty impressive, to be completely honest – even if by today’s standards its’ a child’s play to create such a visual optical illusion!

How it works?

Here’s a hint: the visual optical illusion that we present today, is all about eye movements. Well, it’s not as much as a hint, but rather the whole concept behind the illusion. Basically, our eyes can’t ever be kept completely still,  weird things are starting to happen.

If you want to make things even more fun, either shake your head rapidly, or shake the display, and you’re going to see that the central disk, doesn’t appear to be a globe that’s slowly moving, but rather a disk that’s a distinct object over the pattern, and that the disk floats! Pretty cool, right?

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