Real life Penrose Triangle Video

Today, since is Friday, we have a nice visual optical illusion for you – in video! Get ready to see a real Penrose Triangle! Yes, we know that the Penrose triangle is an impossible object, but, hey, we found some guys who were able to pull it off! Thus making impossible, possible! Care to check it out?

What to see?

Well, as you hit play, you see the real freaking Penrose Triangle in reality! And it’s no doubt that it’s actually made out of wood, and that it’s sitting really well on a black piece of furniture or table or something – since it’s black, it’s really hard to figure out what’s that. Anyways, as you watch even more, something strange happens! A person is starting to wave his hand in and out of the triangle, through the side!

What’s even amazing with this visual optical illusion, is that as the person waves his hand, you have the impression that either one of them is not real! Truth be told, this video of a real life Penrose Triangle is perhaps one of the best illusions we’ve ever seen ever, because it totally tricks your brain for a good couple of moments, and this in real time! Perhaps one of the best real life illusions we’ve seen like…ever!

How it works?

Well, the triangle seems to be a solid object made out of three beams, but, the way the beans are intertwined make it seem to be standing both vertically and horizontally at the same time!  We’ve already talked about how it works, and the video itself shows you how this trick can be accomplished in real life – so you can do it at home and show it off to people!

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