Rapid Weight Loss Visual Optical Illusion

Today, we all want to be thin, and today’s visual optical illusion will show you a rapid weight loss method you never considered. Is it real? No, you won’t shed a pound, but it’s really nice to see nevertheless. We should say that this visual illusion is surely going to make you want to look at things from another perspective….It’s really a shame that today we all have unrealistic goals and we look for various methods to achieve them.

Here’s a mind tickler for you: do you know how many girls Photoshop their photos on social media sites? More than half! How many men? Only a quarter! But, let’s get back to our visual optical illusions!

Fast Slimming Down Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, this optical illusion is based on the findings of Peter Thompson from the University of York of the UK, and as you can see, the right image presents you with a man who’s upside down but looks really rugged and sexy and fit. However, a big disappointment for the ladies will be when they switch to the left image that shows the same man viewed from a regular angle this time.

The man on the left: thin, hot, rugged! The man on the right: you plain ole Joe who’s packing a few extra pounds to keep him warm during those cold winter nights when he’s all alone in bed.

How it works?

This visual optical illusion is based on the fact that the aforementioned Peter Thompson found that faces are more difficult to see normally when they’re upside down – what a shocker, right?!? But, the most interesting thing is that sometimes we can’t really perceive the facial expressions when the face is upside down which has some interesting results – including a rapid weight loss that’s only real on paper or on print…Too bad it’s not that easy in real life!

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