Rainbow Visual Optical Illusion

John Shadowsky was the first who tried a new kind of illusion. He made us able to see black and white photos in full color or in partial color.
What to see and what to do?
“The pink rose” reassembles a lot with this illusion. In the picture below you can easily see a rainbow with many colors. At the middle you can also see a little black dot that will guide you through the experience. At some point the colorful rainbow will appear to us as gray.
Set your look on the black dot and watch it whit attention until the rainbow changes its color. For you to make the illusion work at the maximum potential wait until the rainbow is all colored then set you look on the dot, without moving your eyes from the center… not yet! At some point the colored rainbow will change into a gray one, only that you will perceive it also as a colored one.

Ghostly Rainbow Optical Illusion

How it works?
If you followed our directions precisely you will notice that the illusion is made out of two similar images. The only difference between them being that one is in color and the other is black and white. After staring at the black dot for about 30 seconds the powerful colors of the rainbow make your retina get tired so the photoreceptors stop from functioning right. When the main image disappears they have to adjust to the new image so they will not be able to perceive the new colors. Because the excited photoreceptors are now resting, the ones that weren’t excited are now taking the stand. Although this time the colors aren’t like in the original image, but changed because the brain tends to interpret colors in a different manner.
This illusion is part of the afterimage illusions and it represents a negative afterimage because it gives us the chance to make magic with the colors and “change” them if we look long enough at them.


  1. i!m looking for something i seen once a type of illusion and i do not know what to ask in order to find it so i am grabbing things by the seat of my pants and hopeing i find it.
    it looks like a single line of arabian horseman almost like silhouettes on a canvas you put your curser on them they fall apart and reassemble just a neat looking illusion one of the best i have ever seen

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