Queen Amongs Us Visual Optical Illusion

In a typical Austin Powers style, the queen is here and we love her – so, get ready for a royal visual optical illusion! Clearly, you can appreciate the queen being in a visual illusion, no matter if you’re British or not. So, without further ado, introducing her royal highness, Queen Victoria!

What to see?

At first glance, there’s no queen in the picture, is there? Well, what did you expect? After all, it’s an eye trick, so you should really start paying more attention to the drawing if you want to find her Royal Highness!

Now, if you really want to check out the queen, then, look at the man raising his hat carefully. Can you see where he seems to be pointing at? Well, looking at to use better words…At first glance, you could think that he’s pointing at the nice scenery, but, look at the three trees. Here’s your hint! Can you see the queen?

If not, then look closely at the three in the right, and then at the one in the middle. Check out the contour that’s formed right in between them – can you spot the visual optical illusion now?

How it works?

Let’s see…this visual optical illusion is really, really hard to crack…NOT! Okay, well, just like any other visual illusion of this type, it’s all about nailing the contour of the queen and drawing around it. Truth be told, you could probably design this type of visual illusion with a bit of imagination, a star or famous person, and a bit of drawing talent. That’s all it takes to create such illusions – plain and simple, but effective!

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