Preserve Your World Visual Optical Illusion

Don’t you just love it when WWF has awareness campaigns? They sure like to make them filled with really cool visual optical illusions. This Preserve your world, preserve yourself campaign surely has an interesting poster, and we shared it with you below.

We have to say that there are tons of hidden images in this poster, and you should have a lot of fun while trying to find them – and if WWF has done their job correctly, they will sensitize you to the dangers of pollution too!

What To See In This Illusion?

Well, at first, you see a nice view of the tropical forest or something like that. But, look at the tree in the middle! Now, shift your eyes towards the left, and look at the rocks. Do you see how the rocks are very very much like a man who’s screaming? Or better said, mother nature is screaming due to all the harm that we do to her! Not nice, right?

And there’s even more! You can find tons of very interesting hidden images in this poster, and we strongly encourage you to take your time and breathe it all in. Naturally, let us know what you found as we like to share!

How Does This Illusion Work?

Just like with all hidden images, this visual optical illusion works by the use of the genius that the designers had when they camouflaged all sorts of images of mother nature screaming and begging for help. We already talked about how it works and naturally, by now, you should be more than familiar with hidden images – if not, check out our hidden images category!

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