Pothole Visual Optical Illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion is dealing with the driver’s worst nightmare: pot holes! As you know, there are many visual optical illusions out there to choose from, but this one really caught our eye because it’s simply amazing!

Asphalt Holes Illusion

What to see?

Take a look at the picture, and see how there’s a car that just passed a pot hole and after that it says “feels like pioneer” suspension. Naturally, everybody who would pass that pothole would say that their car or bike have a hell of a suspension. However, truth it, is nothing more than an optical illusion, because if you take a look at the picture below, you see that there’s nothing wrong with the concrete, and there’s actually no pot hole. It’s nothing more than just a sticker placed on the asphalt!

How it works?

Well, you can imagine that when you’re driving and you see two huge potholes, you automatically stop to attenuate the impact. And, to your surprise, you feel like nothing’s underneath.  When it comes to how this illusion was designed, well, it’s quite simple. You just take a picture at an about 45 degree angle of a pothole; you print it on a sticker, and you put it on the road. Due to the speed and the angle, it looks like a real pothole.  This works in a similar way to the “Carpet Visual Optical Illusion” that you can find on our site – and you should definitely check it out because it’s a mind blower!

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