Palm Tree Camels Visual Optical Illusion

Okay…so…today we thought that we won’t bore you with the well known ships illusion that has lots of Escher in it, but rather a visual optical illusion that was created by someone who either was strongly influenced by the aforementioned illusion, or who created the aforementioned illusion. If you know, please give us a line so that we can give some credit!

What to see?

Okay, now, you’re looking at camels wondering into the night, but then, as you’re moving your eyes towards the left of the image, you’re starting to realize that the camels are turning into palm trees, or even more weird, that the palm trees are turning into camels and that come walking into the night. Considering that the sky is clearly lighter towards the left side of the image, we could say if we would let the our imagination run wild, that the night turns all the palm trees in the desert into camels!  But then again, we watched one too many times “The Mummy”!

How it works?

Well, just like the Rob Gonslaves illusion, this works by gradually making small changes in the way the camels/ships are drawn and easily modified so that you start with one thing, and end up with another. It’s really nothing much to explain, but we can’t but stand amazed at how the photo takes you from left to right – or better said bangs you from left with one thing and bangs you from right with another thing!  Pretty cool visual illusion nevertheless, right?

Anyways, please give u a hint who’s the author of this illusion, and also, please do share your thoughts on it: are we expecting zombie camels in the desert or what?

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