Oxy’s Visual Optical Illusion

Don’t you simply love those anti pimple commercials? We don’t! Why? Because they remind us of our shameful teenage years when we would have to hide the fact that our face is an explosion of pimples!

However, today’s visual optical illusion is a really great commercial for Oxy. The company used this as part of their “Disapearing Dots” campaign, and we have to say, that we can simply stare at this illusion for minutes without getting tired of it.

Disappearing Dots Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, as the ad says, focus your eyes on the Oxy bottle in the middle of the ad for 20 seconds, and you’re going to see how the dots start disappearing. That’s really cool, isn’t it? We can imagine the teenagers rushing in to buy the amazing product that makes all their “dots” disappear in under 20 seconds!

It’s needless to say that this idea that the guys in the ad used isn’t new, but, it’s a very smart visual optical illusion advertising. And it really worked as this ad boosted their sales!

How it works?

That’s actually a simple illusion that’s again, based on the way our brain perceives things.  Basically, when we focus on something, we tend to blur out all the other things surrounding it. This happens even faster if the background image is blurred. Nothing too surprising, but, for sure, it makes a great visual optical illusion and a great ad!

Of course, you can make a similar ad to a pain relief medication. Here are the starts, there go the stars….

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