Owl Visual Optical Illusion

Our last article was from the same area. The author of today’s visual optical  illusion is again Jos de Mey. At some point in its life he decided to transform his hobby in a real work, work of art to be more precise. Most of his work is represented by impossible figures and he says that he decided to draw in this direction so he can be distinguished from the anonymous international abstractness.

Impossible Owl Optical Illusion

What to see?
The picture represents an owl standing between the bars of a window. Nothing weird so far, but if you try to analyze it, you will notice that you can’t say for sure what way the frames of the window are facing and how they stand in the air; the angles are quite impossible.

How it works?
Jos de mey wanted to paint something through which he could “experience the pleasure of being able to represent something that couldn’t be and do it in such a convincing way that one is likely to think that it really could exist”.
As I said, today I’m going to give you one more hint of how the visual optical illusion works. Basically today’s illusion works exactly like “House Illusion”. If you noticed, in both paintings there is an owl as in many of his works. He thinks that the owl represents an alter ego of the painter. For his people the owl is the symbol of theoretical knowledge and the image of the stupid guy or the one who pretends being stupid.

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