Old Man and Workers Visual Optical Illusion

Since yesterday i decided to explain to you how the theory of perspective works, today I will continue with the same idea, only that from now on we will talk about the work of art of Sandro del Prete. As you all know he is one of the most known people in this field and he’s basically doing paintings not playing with computer programs.

Sandro del Prete Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?
This a very common illusion called “In a Ticino Village” personally I would call it “Old man or workers”. I like this visual optical illusion because you can easily tell the difference between the old man and the two workers.
The tunnel represents the head of the old man and also taking the tunnel as a mark you can spot on the left a man sweeping and on the right a woman with a stack of hey behind her.

How does it work?
The picture depicts both images: the old man and the two persons. In reality is just a matter of how your brain interprets the picture; you will see what makes more sense to you… at first.
Today I am going to give you one more hint about the perspective theory. Even if the eye is focused on a point in the projection, the perspective geometry in the place has a mind “mind” of its own, independent of where in the place the eye is looking.
In this picture we have to remember that this center of perception should not be confused with the line of sight of the viewer. The center of perception is the point in the picture place closest to the viewer. So, if you look at the man on the left you will see the face of an old man, but if you look at the woman on the right you will see two different people on a street.

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