Octavio Ocampo’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ visual optical illusion

Not all of us read Romeo and Juliet, but most likely, most of us seen at least one of the movies (even the modern adaptation of the story featuring Leonardo DiCaprio), and all us know the sad romance story of the two lovers who died out of love.  So, let’s bask into the beautiful painting created by Octavio Ocampo, Romeo and Juliet that’s also one of the most beautiful visual optical illusions that have love as their main theme.Romeo and Juliet Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, at first sight, and especially if you take a look at the painting from far away, you see the faces of the two lovers preparing to share a passionate kiss. However, once you get closer and start absorbing in all the details you find that there’s a lot you actually missed, as the paining also shows the couple in the famous balcony scene.

And the more you look at the image, the more you grasp all the details, like the veil that Romeo seems to pull over their love, and how he climbs on the balcony while Juliet eagerly and fearfully awaits for him.

How it works?

Octavio Ocampo is one of Mexico’s most prolific artists, that’s known to create paintings composed of detailed images that are intricately woven together to give you a better picture. This visual optical illusion shows us once more that the devil’s in the details, and only when you look closer, you can truly understand the message that the artist wanted to send.

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