Ocampo The General’s Family Visual Optical Illusion

It’s really hard to find good ole classical visual optical illusions today. Okay, correction: fresh illusions that are created in the classical style, because, today, it’s quite easy creating visual optical illusions with three clicks in a program like Photoshop or Gimp. That’s why we decided to share with you yet another Octavio Ocampo creation. This one was created back in the 90s, and it’s called “The General’s Family”.

What to see?

When it comes to Octavio Ocampo’s works of art, we have to say that you should always expect to find two or three times more hidden objects than you expect to be in the painting or drawing.

In this particular visual optical illusion, you can see a man from a past century at first glance. However, as you focus your eyes on the image, you soon find that the man himself – let’s call him the General – is actually created out of two characters, a man and a woman. And guess what? There are nine persons in this painting!

Just like with yesterday’s illusion, Fisher’s Mother Father Daughter Visual Optical Illusion, we’re having problems figuring out where the other six persons are hidden in this one, and we would really appreciate if you could help us figure this out.

How it works?

Let’s see…just like with other similar visual optical illusions that are created through hidden objects, this one shares its secrets in the creator’s ingenuity, his ability to trick our eyes and perception, and drawing lines that are creating more than one object at a time. Again, we need to share our appreciation for the works of Ocampo and others alike, who use the old ways to create impressive visual optical illusions!


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