Nestle Visual Optical Illusion

As you know, until now, we presented you with some visual illusions that date hundreds of years ago. Today, we have a more recent visual optical illusion, that you’re going to really enjoy if you like coffee – and even if you don’t you’ll still enjoy it.

Coffee Poster Optical Illusion

What to see?

There’s really nothing much to say. As you can see, a simple cup of coffee held by a hand appears, and the smoke is shaped like a nose. Something that everybody could do today, but back then, it required a bit more work to come up with something like that, because, well, this illusion isn’t that new, as you can probably imagine from the looks of it.

Then again, looking at old posters is always something that we enjoy, because it’s a display of how advertising evolved during the years….

But back to our visual optical illusion…

How it works?

Again, we can’t really say that much, as this illusion is pretty intuitive. The smoke is shaped like a nose, which gives you the impression that there’s actually a person smelling the coffee, when, clearly, that’s not the case.

Then again, this is an illusion that dates in the 1930s, which, well, meant that back then, it was a pretty innovative poster. By the way, wouldn’t it be great to have this full size in your kitchen and to enjoy it each morning as you enjoy your coffee?  Who wouldn’t want to see something as beautiful and as simple each morning – a perfect reminder of the small joys in life.

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