Nature’s love visual optical illusion

We don’t really know about your location, but where we are, the leaves left the trees, and the winter is about to set in, so, we said that it would be about time to have a winterish visual optical illusion for you. And guess what we found? We found that all around us is love, and that love can be found in everything, even inanimate objects, like trees.  And we have the optical illusion to prove it! Don’t you believe us? Well, take a better look!

What to see?

Granted, this visual optical illusion works better when you look at the image in thumbnail size. Perhaps you’ve seen the trick as you clicked on the illusion. The main idea is that the branches and the trees themselves are intertwined so that it looks like you have a couple lovingly holding each other in a very passionate and intimate pose – so kids, don’t look at this!

Okay, we’re going to admit that we lied a bit, and you can’t really find this in nature, as today’s visual optical illusion is a work of art found in a gallery, but, we got all romantic and stuff because it’s cold, the trees lost their green, and all we can think about are the holidays with our loved ones.

How it works?

Let’s see, that’s really easy: take to trees, chop them down then use their branches to create the illusion of a man and a woman doing it standing (did we say that, we meant man and woman lovingly holding each other – we still want Santa to bring us some presents). There’s really not that much to say when it comes to this visual optical illusion is there? Anyways, you’d better enjoy it now and here because you really don’t want to know the price tag on it!

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