Naked Woman Visual Optical Illusion

Today’s visual optical illusion is also a Sandro del Prete, but we’re not going to talk at all about the perspective theory but explain the illusion in a simple and easy manner. Who wouldn’t like to receive a simple explanation and not a so complicated and long one?

Sandro Del Prete Optical Illusion

What to see?
This illusion is extremely interesting from more than just one point of view. You can see a young woman standing with her back at the window and some others elements in the room… but do you really see them or you just her? They’re also a plant standing on a shelf, a cat standing on the window’s ledge a pair of pantyhose and a glass.
How it works?
If you focus your look really good you will notice that there is no woman at the window but the way the element in the room are combined form the illusion of something we know and what is beautiful to eye. Even so important roles in this image are the black and white shades, if the image would have been in colors we wouldn’t be able to see the woman’s body.
Do you remember the Message of Love From Dolphins ? These two illusion resemble a lot because I think that if a child would look at the present picture he will the surrounding, not the naked body of a woman… or who knows. If you find out try this experiment and give me a feed-back.

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