Mountain’s Face Visual Optical Illusion

Does anybody feel some chilly weather and visual optical illusions coming our way? After all, it’s the end of October…soon to come November, and that’s one step away from December. Naturally, winter time takes us to mountains and snow, so, today’s visual illusion is something that will remind you of how much fun you can have during winter holidays – let’s just hope that it won’t make you too anxious to take them!

Face in the Alpes Optical Illusion

What to see?

Well, let’s see….we have in front of our eyes a nice mountain image, but, if you look carefully, you’re going to see upper half right side of the image, behind the snow, behind the trees, you’re starting to distinguish a face in the mountain. It’s actually a very chilling and calming image at the same time, as this visual optical illusion of the mountain (by the way, it’s an image taken in the Alpes), seems to show the face of a man either sleeping, or a frozen face in the mountain. Just like we would have found that the mountain is actually a long fallen titan.   Then again, you could say that somebody watched too many mythological movies and read too many epic novels.

Now, just in case some of you are still missing the face,  look and see how in the upper right of the image, there’s the sky. Shift your eyes towards the center of the image, and let them down a bit, then follow the white line – see how the curves seem to depict a human forehead, a nose, and a mouth?

How it works?

There are lots of visual optical illusions that we can explain in thousands of words,  but, in front of Mother Nature’s creations, we’re usually left speechless. However, if you really want us to go a bit techie, we need to say that our brain, and how we perceived things, our perception, will always construct complete images from partial images based on what we know – and humans have an innate ability to recognize human faces! Voila!

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