Motion Blindness Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

In this image you can easily see the rotating image of an array of blue crosses, three smaller red dots and a larger one in the middle. Don’t stare too much or you will get dizzy! Now: fixate your look on the center, on the green dot that appears and disappears and see what happens. Well, you will notice pretty soon that the other three dots start to vanish from times to time: single, in pairs or all at once. But in reality they all remain in the same place, none of them disappears. This optical illusion is called “motion induced blindness” or MIB. You can try to fixate another dot… the same thing happens, right? And what is more interesting is that the green dot also becomes yellow.

What to do?

You can play a little with the buttons and you will observe that most of the time the changes don’t quite appear as we expected.

For instance: You can use the speed slider  to change the speed of the rotation. Even if the speed is really slow the disappearance persists.  You can also try changing the color of the crosses, the dots and the background and you will still have the disappearance.

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How it works?

When you keep your eyes in a chosen place you will notice the phenomena, the disappearance of som dots. But as soon as you move your eyes even a little you will see that they reappear. Why does this happen? When the center of our perception is the green dot the other becomes part of the background and because of the movement and the bright light we tend to minimize the importance of all the other aspects. In an easier way: when we see one or more of the yellow dots, you care conscious of them, you can make them a description, but when they become part of the background they’re going out of the state of consciousness. That doesn’t mean they stop affecting our brain.

For instance: try to fixate an object near you. You will see that object clean and clear but how about the objects around him? You will see them fader… and that happens only because you interest is oriented on one particular thing. This is not quite an optical illusion is just the perception field.

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