Moon Painting Visual Optical illusion

By now, you already know that you can make lots and lots of cool optical illusions using the moon and the sun and the laws of perception. So, today, we have for you, yet another really wonderful visual optical illusion that we really hope you’ll enjoy!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, let us present you the moon painting visual optical Illusion!

What to see?

Besides the fact that a Grinch on a ladder has a bucket of paint and he’s blocking out the moon nothing much!

Now, we know what you’re going to say, that it’s impossible, but this picture proves you wrong, doesn’t it?

Okay, let’s stop joking, and simply say that you’re in the presence of yet another great visual optical illusion that has the moon as  a centerpiece. As you can see, the man on the ladder has a bucket of paint and a brush in his hand, and he’s painting the moon  – well, actually, you could say that he’s painting the whole sky – only that the moon is a bit resilient and he needs to apply more coats of paint!

How it works?

It’s always really easy to explain how it works when it comes to these types of illusions. Basically, it’s all about how the human eye sees things. Things that are further away seem smaller, and things that are closer seem bigger. To create this type of visual optical illusion, all that one should do would be to position himself or herself in the right angle, and have someone take a nice shot of him or her, and you create the illusion – it’s that simple!

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