Moon Visual Optical Illusion

How yesterday was our last visual  optical illusion that involved the perspective theory I thought that today we can take an illusion that is more close to our child mind.
Man on the Moon Optical Illusion

At some point in our childhood we all thought that if we look at the stars, moon or any other large object we could hold them in our hands in an imaginary way. Maybe some of us even wondered if we could keep them in our hands for real.

Man on the Moon Optical Illusion 2

What to see?
If we will try to analyze the illusion all I have to say is think at the moon or look out the window. Even so I posted two pictures. In the first picture we can see

How does it work?
The moon illusion is something used more like a cliché in our days and it consists of two phenomena:
1. The moon appears larger than it really is;
2. The growth is rising from the zenith to the horizon.
If we think at the second point we can say that all celestial objects in the sky appear larger near the horizon compared to the same object but when it is higher in the sky. This is one theory.

Now let’s play a little game: try to look directly at the moon and then through a narrow opening or some trees and see which one of them hides the foreground terrain. Well? Can you make the illusion disappear?

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