Message of Love From Dolphins Visual Optical Illusion

What to see?

In this picture you can easily spot two people, two figures holding each other. At first you may think there is no illusion because the picture is as easy and as simple as it can be. It is perfectly normal for you to see the two people and you can’t think that you may have a problem if you can’t see something else, although if you see something else it is even better.

This picture is called “Message of love from the Dolphins” and was created by the Swiss artist Sandro Del-Prete. If you look at the bottle you will probably agree that there is a man holding in an erotic embrace a woman from behind. Now what I would tell you that you may also see several dolphins?
Delprete Dolphins Visual Optical Illusion

What to do and how it works?
Even if the picture is clear for us, the adults, for the small mind of a child this may also contain other elements. They have been made some studies that shown that if a young person will watch this picture they will see a group of dolphins playing, and if a grown up will watch it he will see the couple in an erotic embrace. Some recent studies shown that some children around 8-10 also saw they couple, to be more accurate “two parents embracing”.

If we take in consideration the stress and all the time a parent spends at works is not so obviously for a child to see the couple, yet if we think at all the erotic scenes in movies we can never know. It has been said that children can see the dolphins because they don’t have yet the mind “polluted” and their imagination is stronger that the imagination of an adult.

In fact the picture depicts the couple and also the dolphins; it’s just a matter of how your brain interprets it. So children that don’t have experience tend to see the picture in an innocent way and grown ups tend to see the loving couple (some of them can’t see the dolphins even if they try really hard).

If you want to see the dolphins try to concentrate in a part of the picture, the left leg of the woman. Once you spotted the figure of a dolphin the rest will be easier to spot and to recognize them. If the adult in you can do it as fast as you wish don’t worry, keep trying and you’ll get there.

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